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For the estate team, the making of wineis, above all, a search for emotion.
One common ambition unites them: the desire to produce fine, elegant, aromatic wines that tell a warm story to friends and clients alike.


For Gilles, the father, years of experience working with world-renowned perfumes and haute couture brands before acquiring the vineyard taught him that the source of his emotion lies in the careful selection of raw materials of exceptional quality.

For Gaël, the son, knowing what creates emotion is a never ending journey, something he both learned and experienced on a daily basis through his work and contribution to the film industry.

For Lionel Labourgade, wine maker and family friend, the achievement of this emotion could only ccur here, in Corbières, the land where he was born.
Thanks to his many years of experience working with prestigious vineyards in the Languedoc and Bordeaux regions, Lionel's traditional knowledge and savoir-faire are pillars to this estate, ensuring excellent quality of wine and production.